The Elite of the Elite - The NHL Top 6!

Here is a prediction: The biggest movie of Xmas 2012 is going to be titled: Seal Team 6. Hollywood Studios kicked into over-drive the second the Osama news flashed across the wire. HUGE news. HUGE Movie. It’s so easy right?

Now I could get all movie-geeky on you and tell you whom I think would be my all-star Seal Team 6 cast, but I won’t. Instead I’m going to select my ultimate NHL Seal Team 6 (yes there were 30+ members of Seal Team 6, but come on, isn’t this a fun ride to be on?)

The goal here is to select the SIX players you would want to build your ultimate franchise around. 3 Fwds (position dependant), 2 D and 1 G. Remember AGE is key here. Yes, Tim Thomas is (cough) awesome, but he’s well-aged. Get it? Good…

Here goes nothing.

Center: Ryan Kesler
Listen, you can argue Steve Stamkos VERY easily here, but there is NO better 2-way center than Kesler, and he was the NUMBER ONE overall player in the league this year according to Star Selector stats (which give a great look at overall player value). Plus, with my 2 sniping wingers, I can go 2-way value here.

Right Wing: Corey Perry
Actually, the easiest pick for me. Dude is 25, a sniper and a pest. Most other top RW’s are getting up there in years and for me Perry brings WAY more to the table than Giroux and Kane. Easy.

Left Wing: Alex Ovechkin
Ok. This pick was pretty easy too. Before looking at their ages, and because of his playoff performance, I actually tried to talk myself into Ryan Clowe. I honestly thought he was a kid. NOPE. He’s actually 4 yrs OLDER than Ovy. OK 2 easy winger picks…NOW to the tougher picks

Defense: Shea Weber
My 1st gut was Drew Doughty. He didn’t have a great year but, man, was he huge in the last Olympics. And how the heck did he turn in a +13 season while Jack Johnson was  -21? Then, Keith Yandle, with the most boring name in Hockey. It just sounds old. He had a great year, but I just don’t think he has the potential to be the BEST guy in the game. Shea Weber does. He has a complete game, a rocket of a shot and a great name.

Defense: P.K. Subban
Here it comes…Call me a homer all you want, but this kid is 21 (21!) and in 3 years we will be talking about him as one of the top 3 D-men in the game. His playoff performance kicked him to a new level in my mind. It’s a tough call…but think future and PK has to be in the discussion now.

Goalie: Carey Price
It HAS to be right? He’s 23. TWENTY THREE. M.A. Fluery (26), Cam Ward (27), Pekka Riine (28), should all be in the discussion, but I don’t think you can make a different call here. He showed glimpses this year of a true workhorse backstop. He has the body, technique, and puck awareness of an all-timer. The ‘head’ will come.

PLUS: Don’t all of you (even the non-Habs fans) wanna see the Carey-P.K. post-game low-five ritual for the next decade and a half? Ha!

OK there you have it…debate away…and Coming Soon, my ultimate Seat Team 6 casting call (Sneak Peek: Team Leader: Michael C. Hall…he kills).

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