HNIC Star Selector - Game 6 Preview - Pens vs Lightning Boyeeee

Anyone else sick of having the highlight packs from this series eaten up watching Crosby skating around pylons and his condition not changing?  And interviews about when he will come back?  There is a game on the ice here people and an extremely intriguing series to boot.  The Pens are up 3 games to two and the Lightning seem to be reeling things in.  With the majority of series going 7, and comebacks galore, I think we are watching this one thinking anything can happen.

Alright on to the Star Selector breakdown and with the release of the new Beastie Boys video and upcoming album next week, I decided to provide a little tweak scratch.

"If it's gonna be that kind a party, I'm gonna stick my..." So who is going to spoil the comeback? I have been pitching Kris Letang's name all series and he has done squat!  So tonight is the night, he will go OFF for a goal and an assist.

"Check Your Head" - I never got a chance to sound off about the Kunitz and Downie hits but they should both be counting their freaking lucky stars they only got one game suspensions.  I think we would all agree that Campbell or 'Collie'  is clueless on how to police this league.  BTW what is with every media outlet referring to either Colin Campbell or Brian Burke by their nicknames?

"I got my funkified golf gear from head to toe..."  How do the Pen's eliminate the Lightning?  This series has been all over the place, with the Pens winning the close ones, and the Lightning blowing the Pens out.  To win the Pens need to literally hit the Lightning out of the building, will rely on Fleury to dominate and they need dirty sloppy goals.  Also they need to be way better on the penalty kill and stay out of the box.  Sounds like a lot but in Game 1 they looked like a cup contender.  Star Selector rewards Gamers with points for hits so strongly consider Max Talbot for your starting five.

"5-Piece Chicken Dinner" In Game 5, the Lightning showed they have a lot of scoring potential but the names that stood out to me were; Kubina with 2 goals and a plus 3, Gagne, St. Louis, Lecavalier and Purcell with 3 assists.  Still a little worried about Steven Stamkos?  Could he throw another stinker or could he go off?  My take,  "lets your spine unwind and take a risk".  Tonight is the night to captain Stamkos, just do it, you know you want to.

"Putting Shame in Your Game" Roloson doesn't need to change a thing.  He faced 50+ in Game 5, turned away 31 in Game 6 and has been mesmerizing throughout this series.

Both teams should think about my favorite lyrics from the tune "Slow and Low"
The beat is slow in order to dance,
I wanna hear I do's and no I can't's

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