HNIC Star Selector - Game 1 Preview - Flyers vs Bruins

Nope, this blog will not start by referencing last year, Game 7, 3-0 comeback... it is over, done, and this is a new year.

Both the Bruins and Flyers had troubles in their first round.  Power Play issues dominated (although the Flyers did pick it up going 3-9 down the stretch), the Flyers had a carousel of starters and Tim Thomas shrugged off a slow start with a game saving and series changing performance in game 6.  Offensively, neither team lit the lamp as frequently as they had in the regular season... yet here they both are in round 2!

Playing Star Selector for this series should be exciting, and will keep our players on their toes.  Boston has only had 2 real big point players in round one you should consider Nathan Horton and Chris Kelly in game one for the Bruins.  But, I think the player to start on your line up for sure is the 'ageless wonder' Mark Rechhi.  Rechhi has been playing like he is 26, and finding the perfect passing seams.  One or two of those 3 players needs to be on your roster in the 1st period.

The Flyers boast a great offense that can go off at anytime.  The line to focus on in this first game is the 3 Stooges line of Scott Hartnell, Ville Leino and  Danny Briere.  Briere is starting to get mentioned with the best playoff performers in league history and that cannot be ignored.  Leino cannot be taken off the puck and Hartnell loves to bring his A game for the Bruins.  But lets not forget the little big man, Giroux, and his newest buddy Van Riemsdyk.  Both played with intensity and a nasty forecheck that had Buffalo reeling at times.

With all this said I say stay away from the goalies and the 2nd and 3rd line defensemen, it could be a score-fest.

Our starting 5


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