Trade Deadline Snorefest

Written by Keesje Kort @keesje_ingamer

Working from home tends to be a hit or miss scenario. Without distraction my productivity improves tenfold but occasionally, like I am sure must of you with the same flexibility to work in sweatpants and an old tee can attest, the simplest of items have the capability of becoming massive attention diversions. Yesterday’s all day coverage of the NHL’s trade deadline proved to be my personal Gannicus; slayer of my good work intentions (sorry couldn’t resist a Spartacus Gods of the Arena reference). I found myself drawn to the television anxiously waiting for the, ‘Trade Breakers’ to interrupt James Duthie with insider information about some blockbuster trade between two teams that I really have no interest in. The end result for me was a late night work blitz to make up for my day’s procrastination and enough insight for me to write this article about 5 observations from the NHL trade deadline.

1: @BizNasty2point0 is far and away the most entertaining NHLer from a twitter perspective. If you aren’t on twitter or following Biz you should consider signing up just for his tweets alone. Here is a snapshot of his work yesterday:

Any trades yet? Just woke up. My phone hasn't rang so I'm safe so far. Although I prolly wouldn't wave my no trade clause. #Twooperstar

In case you folks are wondering I have a no movement clause, but its from the middle of the bench. #PlugLife #4Line4Life

I am now a one man wolf pack. Now taking resumes for new friends.

For those of you who don’t know who BizNasty is, he is Paul Bissonnette, a fourth line left winger on the Phoenix Coyotes.

2: Brian Burke was busy yesterday. How can I say that given the Leafs only move was sending John Mitchell to the Rangers for a seven round pick? Burkie’s ever present, I’m so busy that I can’t do up my tie look for his mid afternoon impromptu interviews with TSN and Sportsnet. There are nine stages to complete the standard Windsor knot and Burkie couldn’t get past stage 1 so obviously a lot was happening in the Leafs war room.

3: Anytime you a filling air time with highlights from the previous years deadline show you know it is an extremely quiet day. Not only was that bad but some folks in the twitter universe mistakenly interpreted the news as a 2011 deal. Justin Pogge’s career might have finally hit rock bottom after some so called social media experts tweeted that he had been moved for a TSN panelist but at least it provided the on air personalities with some good material to jibe at Aaron Ward. Lord knows they would have needed something to help them pass the ten hours of live coverage.

4: Charlie Sheen’s all out media blitz yesterday prompted his long time publicist, Stan Rosenfield, to resign. I can’t imagine what the final straw was that pushed Rosenfield over the edge but if you watched any of the ‘epic’ or ‘gnarly’ highlights from the Sheen interviews you know he has earned every cent of the money paid to him over the years. On second thought, I gotta think it was Sheen’s claim to have hit a 445 foot bomb during batting practice earlier that morning that was nail in that relationships coffin. You didn’t think I wasted all day just watching TSN did you?

5: The NFL network combine coverage rivals NHL trade deadline for the most overhyped, over analyzed event. Seriously how many times can you watch athletes run 40 yards or press 225 lbs before you feel completely terrible about your own physical condition? It took me 4.4 seconds to get from my sofa to my fridge which was a personal best and might improve my home pre draft ranking but 30 hours of live coverage...c’mon man.

At the end of the day there were 16 trades involving 35 players and 12 draft picks. Jason Arnott moved from New Jersey to cup contenders in Washington while Dustin Penner exchanged the snow and sleet in Edmonton for the sun and sand of Hollywood. I am working from my office today just in case there is post deadline analysis as I can’t afford another wasted day.

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