Just Be Cauz - Trade Deadline is a Joke in Your Town!

Written by The Flurry to the Solarplexus, Matt Cauz

Raise your hands if you know who Alex Magee is. Unless your his parents I'm guessing your hand is down, heck even Alex Magee doesn't know who he is, but those are issues between him and his shrink, really do any of us know who we are ... all right now I'm getting off track.

The point is that Alex Magee was a defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs who was traded at the deadline to Tampa Bay for the always sexy "undisclosed draft picks". Really I think you can disclose it to the public, something tells me we can handle it. Why so secretive NFL?

Speaking of secrets did you know the NFL has a trade deadline? Shouldn't this be a bigger deal?

If the NFL combine, an event where we get to see grown man's genitals flopping every which way as they try to run the 40 in under 4.5, is a big deal than I say so should be the NFL Trade Deadline Day.

Just consider the other professional leagues.

We go crazy around here for the NHL trade deadline, TSN and Sportsnet pull off their best 'Seinfeld' impression by spending the whole day talking about nothing with just a dash of Brad Richards thrown in for flavour.

With star players forcing their way to more glamorous teams the NBA's trade deadline has new life to it.

While in baseball their deadline day is a great time to see which small market players are heading to the Red Sox and Yankees while and in the process crushing the dreams for all Blue Jays fans that their team had a shot of making the playoffs.
But in football all we got in 2010 was one lousy Alex Magee trade and the bizarre travels of Randy Moss.

So who's to blame for this? I put the onus on the NFL schedule makers and of course Jimmy Johnson.

Let's start with the league itself. The trade deadline is in mid October, teams have only played about six games, that's far under half the season. At this point in the year most clubs, not named Buffalo, don't really have a clear idea of their true identity, they don't know if their team has a legitimate shot at the playoffs. It usually takes to Thanksgiving before we truly know who the contenders are. Why would any team make a serious move two weeks before Halloween? We've seen plenty of 2-4 teams rally from a slow start to make the playoffs.

All the other sports' deadline is well after the 50% games played mark. In hockey all clubs have laced it up for at least 60-64 games and baseball's deadline comes after the 100 game mark.

At this point in the season most general managers know if it is time to make a push for the playoffs or sell off assets and decry: Better luck next year.

But the NFL has barely lost their new car smell at their point in the season.
Than there's Jimmy Johnson. This is just my own pet theory but I think NFL GM's are afraid of being the next Mike Lynn. Who'se Mike Lynn you ask? Wow you ask a lot of questions in this blog. What Chris Wallace is to the NBA now, Mike Lynn was to the NFL back in the day. Lynn was the guy who, in 1989, said "yes" to Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys trade offer for Herschel Walker. The deal, which included Dallas getting three 1st round draft picks, laid the foundation for the Cowboys dynasty in the 1990's and crippled the Vikings.

It's considered the most lopsided trade in NFL history bringing Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson and Alvin Harper to the Lone Star State while Minnesota got an over-rated running back and a whole heap of mediocrity.

Just imagine if a trade like that happened now? If the Titans had moved Chris Johnson to say the Packers for a boat load of picks we would be going nuts about that for weeks. Tiger Woods could announce Ron Jeremy was his new caddy and we wouldn't care. We'd be more interested in the fantasy implications, how much better does this make Aaron Rodgers, who's the better back in the NFC North Adrian Peterson or Johnson ... the list goes on and on.

Really there is a simple solution to all of this, move the trade deadline day back! Make it Week Ten. At this point the season will have developed its personality, their will have been plenty of serious injuries on contending teams who need to patch some holes and the Bills realizing once again that God hates them can trade away Lee Evans for a high 3rd round pick.

The NFL is more popular than every other sport beat in just about every facet, its time they claim Trade Deadline Day as their own.

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