Tunrovers Kill! - Why We Score the Way We Do

Written by Nic Sulsky @nicsulsky

Admittedly I’m not the biggest Jesse Palmer fan, but dude hit the nail on the head here.


Turnovers are Total killers in NFL. Many InGamers have questioned why INTs and Fumbles Lost are SO penalized. Well…this is why. We pride ourselves on being the best and only game around that truly highlights the all-around player. We treasure and value players that are the most directly responsible for a team’s victory, and believe that If a player direcvtly contributes to their team losing then WE need to represent that too. We (especially I) have always believed that turnovers decide games on the field and MUST be reflected that way on the InGamer field too.

The team and I will be thinking about the -200 points given to turnovers, and I’m open to changing it BUT I want to see compelling reason why…Not just “man losing 200 pts sucks. It’s way too much.” My answer: Turnovers Kill.

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