To Win, Use Only Starters on Offense - General Strategy

Written by Keesje @keesje_ingamer

Does a good offense beat a good defense? Most traditionalists will always side with a good defense but for this weekends ‘Head Coach Challenge’ I thought it would be interesting to go with a more traditional fantasy approach and to start 6 offensive players. I made my picks simply on 2010 regular season performance and will be crossing my fingers that both defenses get off to a sluggish start on Sunday.

Here are my top 6 along with their regular season stats.

1. Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was the 3rd rank QB passing for 28 touchdowns, 3922 yards, averaging 261.5 yards per game with only 11 interceptions. He has a hot right arm and has the opportunity to establish his own championship legacy.

2. Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben has big numbers considering he didn’t play until week 6. Ben threw for 17 touchdowns, 3200 total yards averaging 266.7 per game. I am hoping that he plays better than his late Wednesday night’s version of Piano Man. For more on that check out

3. Rashard Mendenhall. RB - Mendenhall had a great season. 1273 rushing yards, 13 touchdowns and only 2 fumbles. Enough said!

4. Greg Jennings. WR - No one benefited more from Rodgers career season than the 5th year pro from Western Michigan. 76 receptions, 12 Td’s & 1265 receiving yards.

5. Mike Wallace WR - A solid year for Wallace especially considering the balanced Steelers offensive approach. 60 receptions, 10 Td’s & 1257 receiving yards.

6. Mason Crosby K - Crosby nailed 22 field goals and converted 46 extra points.

As a self proclaimed InGamer expert (please keep your comments to yourself @Smack) it would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t offer some key watch outs to the all-out offense strategy. Here are 3:

1. Dick Lebeau. What is more dangerous: Leaving your 17 year old home alone for Labour Day weekend or giving perhaps the best defensive coordinator of all time 2 weeks to create a game plan? From an expecting father’s perspective I have to side with the Hall-of-Fame coordinator; although this opinion might change in 17 years. Lebeau is a defensive genius and will create a game plan that will give the Packers fits. His Steelers are the number 1 ranked defense and Troy P is getting healthier every day.

2. Clay Matthews, Troy P & Charles Woodson. What do two of these three have in common? If you answered the NFL’s defensive player of the year winners, congrats, you win an all-inclusive trip to the Bud Bowl XXV (note airfare, hotel, spending money, actual tickets & Bud Lights are your responsibility). Troy P and ex-Raider Charles Woodson (sorry Nic) have won the honor in respective years with Clay Matthews finishing a close second in this year’s vote. All 3 have a history of making big plays at big times. So offensive buyers beware.

3. Maurkice Pouncey. As of today, Pouncey has still not been ruled out of Sunday’s game, but even if he does play how much mobility his injured ankle will have still remains a mystery. If you watched the bumbled snap exchanges between Ben and Doug Legursky in the second half of the AFC Championship, then you have every right to be concerned…and we haven’t even touched upon the impact to the Steeler blocking schemes and rushing attack.

So, still going ahead with the all-offensive line-up? If so, I applaud your “fly in the face of danger” attitude and if things don’t work out then at least you can call an audible and change your strategy for the 2nd Quarter. Good luck and I can’t wait for Sunday.

Only 3 days to go!

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