To Win, Captain a Defensive Player - General Strategy

Written by Nic @nicsulsky

D Up!

Firstly, I want to thank you for not only reading this but for thinking about playing the Head Coach Challenge during the Super Bowl. Now, one would think since I’ve been literally playing this longer then anyone, I would be the Muhammed Ali of InGamer…but I’m more like George Blanda. 26 years in the NFL. Craziness. Dude played in 4 decades.

I might not be the best out there, but I have serious experience…so ponder this nugget: Captain a Defensive player and you will increase your chances of winning ‘our’ Super Bowl.

Point 1: The Steelers and Packers D cause turnovers. And Turnovers are InGaming offensive player-killers.

Point 2: BOTH defensive coordinators (Lebeau and Capers) blitz. Oh yeah, two of the premier pass rushers are going to be on the field. There will be sacks in this game. And James Harrison & Clay Matthews won’t be the sack-star either (more to come).

Point 3: Both QBs have been known to take chances.

Point 4: MOST InGamers are going to captain an Offensive player. You captain a d-man and you have a better shot at separating from the field.

So…who am I going to Captain? Honestly still on the fence but here are the players I am still thinking about captaining.

Lamarr Woodley

He’s going to be lining up against a rookie (Bryan Bulaga) in the Super Bowl. Ya think rook will be feeling pressure? Seeing as most teams double Harrison more often, I’m starting to think Woodley is going to be the man this game.

Tramon Williams

He has been playing lights out this post season. He has made a ton of plays and without Pouncey in the line up (he is still questionable but I doubt he plays long even IF he makes it on the field), the Steelers are going to have to pass. He will get his fair share of tackles and a pick-6 is worth 600+ points for a captain. He also returns punts. Tempting

Desmond Bishop

The Steelers are weak up the middle and Capers has liked sending Bishop on blitzes this year. He will have 6+ tackles minimum and has a good shot at a sack and/or a turnover. SNEAKY pick here. I’m a fan.

Sam Shields

Keesje talked about him in an earlier blog post, and I agree with what he thinks on the rookie that stole the show against the Bears. Big Ben will take shots with Mike Wallace and Shields may be the CB placed on him due to his ability to keep up with the speed of Wallace. He will get his shot at making plays, yet again. Plus he returns kicks. Hmmm.

The Hair

Troy Polamalu makes plays. Period. But he doesn’t register a ton of tackles. He is the ultimate risk/reward pick this game…Feeling Lucky?


The two trendiest D picks for sure. Each guy could have a multiple sack game here and wreak havoc with a big turnover or two BUT I think each team is going to game plan specifically against each guy. That is why I think Woodley/Bishop will be better plays.

Note: I own a Charles Woodson Raiders jersey. I refuse to pick him on principal.

SO…you want a clearer path toward separation on Sunday. Go D.

See you Sunday!

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