Superbowl Quarter by Quarter Strategy - General Strategy

One of the InGamer ‘Head Coach Challenge’ prizes during the Superbowl is the highest 4th quarter individual score. It got me thinking about InGamer, football and some quarterly strategies to help maximize your totals.
First Quarter
An easy way to grab some quick points is to include both kick returners in your starting lineup. Antonio Brown, WR Pittsburgh, is a great strategic choice as not only does he handle kick returning duties but he returns punts as well. Pittsburgh number #1 ranked defense will force some punting situations so you can potentially pick up some points on the competition. In addition to his returning duties Brown has emerged as a viable option in the Steeler passing offense offering additional scoring potential to your InGamer lineup.
Rookie corner back Sam Shields, handles the kick return duties for the Green Bay Packers and is a solid opening lineup choice. Had I written this article for the NFC Conference Championship game I would have pulled the Constanza (from the walk out of the meeting after a great one liner episode) as Shields added two interceptions, a sack and 4 tackles to his stat line. This transformed into big InGamer points!
Second Quarter
Sneaking a field goal kicker onto your roster for the second quarter will potentially transfer to a higher position on the leader board! Why? Well, as the game progresses towards halftime, both teams will want to end the half with some scoring momentum leading to a last second field goal attempt. Mason Crosby, with a career 78.1 completion percentage, handles the Packers field goal responsibilities. While Canada’s own, Shaun Suisham, handles the duties for the Steelers. Kickers score 50 points plus an additional point per yard on Field Goals and 10 points for touchdown conversions providing plenty of InGamer scoring upside. The only watch out is the negative 25 points for any ‘wide right’ or missed attempts!
Third Quarter
If your Superbowl habits are anything like mine than you spent more time at the buffet line then making half time adjustments. At least the Black Eyed Peas extended Boom Boom Pow version will give you a little bit of time to up the calorie count and still make some roster changes. 3rd quarter InGamer line up adjustments will be somewhat dictated by your willingness to replace key players that for whatever reasons have underperformed in the first half. Let’s dive into this strategy a little deeper. is reporting today that starting Steeler’s center, Maurkice Pouncey, broken ankle will keep him out of Sunday’s Superbowl and this throwing up red flags all over my InGamer roster. What impact will this have on Rashard Mendenhall and the Steelers running attack? Will Clay Matthews Jr and the Packers pass rush get to Ben Roethlisberger with greater frequency? By now we will be able to see how this key injury is impacting the game and it just might be ‘fish or cut bait’ time with some key players!
Fourth Quarter
Whether you are challenging for the ‘Head Coach Challenge’ grand prize for top game individual score or reseting your roster to take a run at the fourth quarter prize there are some great strategies to help you make your picks.
Let's dive deeper on a few both from an offensive and defensive perspective.
Teams with big leads will run the ball with more frequency. This does a couple of things as it keeps the clock running (especially in the last 5 minutes) but reduces interception opportunities. Make sure that you have the winning teams running back in your lineup for this quarter. James Starks from Green Bay and Rashard Mendenhall from Pittsburgh. If for any reason these guys aren’t playing then be sure to include their back ups. (Mewelde Moore for the Steelers and Brandon Jackson or John Kuhn for the Packers).
Conversely teams that are down by two or more scores will throw the ball more often as they will need to score and score quickly. This is a great time to add some wideouts to your lineup. Choose from Pittsburgh’s Hines Ward, Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown or Green Bay’s Greg Jennings, Donald Driver or James Jones.
The team that is trailing by a wide margin will be seeing a lot of running attempts. Look to maximize your InGamer score by adding a high tackling defensive players. Pittsburgh is lead by Lawrence Timmons, James Farrior and James Harrison while
Green Bay counters with Charles Woodson, AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop.
The same strategy holds true if you want to counter an onslaught of passing attempts. Add some ball hawking pass defenders to your lineup and hope that they pick off an ill advise throw. Tramon Williams lead the Packers with 6 regular season picks and all world player Troy Polamalu lead the Steelers with 8.
So there you have a by quarter InGaming Strategy! Good luck with your picks and enjoy the game. Only 6 days to go.

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