NHL Top Performers - Eastern Conference

@keesje_ingamer provides us with some insight on all the Canadian teams and their top InGamer performers. Installment #1 are all the Eastern Conference teams


NHL action resumed last night after the very successful All-Star weekend in Carolina. While the unofficial midway point of the NHL season offers the majority of players the opportunity to rest and gear up for the upcoming playoff push it provided us at InGamer with the chance to reflect on the first half of Star Selector. I got to thinking about the Canadian teams, Hockey Night in Canada and more specifically who performed the best on the broadcast games.

Let’s start in the East and move across the country taking a look at each Canadian team and their top 3 Star Selector leading scorers. Keep in mind when reading this that Star Selector only accrues points for Hockey Night in Canada broadcast games.

Montreal Canadiens
It is no real surprise that all-star goalie Carey Price is leading the Habs in Star Selector points. InGamer’s routinely captain the netminder and their loyalty is often rewarded with quality starts and low goals against.
Star Selector Leaders:
Carey Price 3645
Tomas Plekanec 3010
Brian Gionta 2494
Montreal has the rare back to back matinee’s this weekend playing the Rangers on Saturday at 2:00pm and then the back end Sunday against the Devils at 3:00pm. Both games are featured on special HNIC broadcasts.

Ottawa Senators
Ottawa has underperformed this year both in the standings and in Star Selector. Mike Fisher rates as the best Star Selector but his total is the second lowest amongst Canadian team leaders. Let’s hope a potential shake up in the nation’s capital will spark some life into this once proud franchise.
Star Selector Leaders:
Mike Fisher 2373
Brian Elliot 1950
Chris Kelly 1771
Ottawa’s next HNIC broadcast game is this Saturday at 7:00pm when they travel to Long Island for a date with the Islanders.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Phil Kessel might have represented the Leaf Nation in Carolina but if it was up to the Star Selector scoring system Mikhael Grabovski would potentially have won the car and I am not talking about the SUV.
Star Selector Leaders:
Mikhael Grabovski 2730
Phil Kessel 2334
Clarke Macarthur 2148
The Leafs are heading down the QEW Saturday night for a 7:00pm tilt in Buffalo.

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