LeBron - Irrelevant in Miami, Kind Of

Written by Matt Cauz

This blog is all about selfishness. My selifshness to be exact.

I'm done ripping Lebron James for his classless, uber-ego decision to take part in ... The Decision. I'm done ripping Chris Bosh for being wishy-washy about his desire to stay in Toronto. More than enough people have criticized him for blindly following Lebron James like a love struck puppy. Lebron could have said he was going to play for the a team of convicts and Bosh's only concern was whether he was shirts or skins for the first practice.

The only thing that bothers me now is the realization that Lebron James, yes The King, is far more irrelevant now that he is in Miami. I understand, the dude has been on fire over the past two months and he should be one of the front runners for the MVP.

But does his individual excellence feel as significant as it did in years past?
I remember watching Lebron's Game-Five 48 point performance against the Pistons in the '07 Eastern Conference Finals. It was one of those games that made you made so happy you turned on the TV and didn't turn the channel. I'm sure a lot of you also watched that masterpiece.

Now imagine 2011 - If you could go back in time and tell you that Lebron James would eventually slink on his hands and knees to Dwayne Wade and join Wade's team for a chance to win a title. You would slap 2011 for proclaiming such hearsay.

The all-time NBA greats don't do that. They stick with one team, suffer playoff defeats along the way and eventually break through to win a Championship.

That is the classic story arch for just about all NBA Super-Stars. This isn't like other professional leagues, in the NBA one player has so much more power over the fate of his franchise.
Think Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Duncan, Olajuwon, Thomas ... the list goes on and on.

So when Lebron left Cleveland to go to Miami I felt robbed. My anger toward LBJ was all about my own selfish desire to watch and share James' journey from great player to one of the top five of all time. But in the end he took easy away out joining forces with a Top-Five player and a solid third banana.
If his actions were a book it would be called 'Winning an NBA Championship for Dummies.'

Step One: Quit on your team in the playoffs against the Celtics.
Step Two: Jerk around your fans and your teams front office.
Step Three: Go on television for a hubris filled hour of ego where at the end you basically ripped the hearts out of millions of devoted fans.
Step Four: Team up with a top five player and an over rated star basically guaranteeing you will win a title within three years,

On so many levels it is very difficult to blame him. The Cavaliers front office were like the casting agent for 'Point Break', they surrounded james with a mediocre cast. Also I think the idea of playing ball with your buddies in South Beach sounds pretty good. Have you tried a Mojito at the Delano? South Beach is freakin' awesome!

However in the end I wanted Lebron to follow the path of most NBA superstars, I wanted him to be the Alpha Dog of the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers or even say the New York Knicks. I never thought he would be part of an excellent ensemble cast. Yes Lebron will eventually win a Championship but that does not mean he is a true "Champion."

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