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Eye Black Mascara

*New Segment* - Each month we will hear from our new resident sports writer Kelly, who will provide a female prospective to our game, with player selections, game predictions and general sport observations.


Written By Kelly Sweetman (@girlisageek)

My husband I share a couple of things in common: one is our love of watching sports and the other is our super competitive nature. Whether it’s playing ‘rock, paper scissors’ for the TV remote or seeing who can place the last piece of garbage in the can without the pile toppling over, we always manage to turn everything into a friendly competition.

We always enjoy the odd rivalry in our living room when we sit down to watch sports. As a solid hockey fan you can find me regularly tuning into Hockey Night in Canada hoping that my beloved Leafs will someday make a respectable run for the Stanley Cup. Since my better half is a rabid Philadelphia Flyers fan, our competitive sides usually show their teeth when these teams meet. The winner usually does an uncoordinated victory dance around the room and takes advantage of the bragging rights for the next few days. Needless to say, this rivalry between us makes the Leafs/Flyers games that much more exciting to watch.

Recently I noticed that he’s been captivated during games by playing InGamer. In the past he’s been into a lot of stats-heavy, keeper-pools with complicated rules for hockey and football so I didn’t think it would be something I’d be interested in. But he told me about InGamer’s simple, per-game concept and I was intrigued. So I picked the biggest game of the year to give it a whirl: Super Bowl XLV.

I was a little timid to start playing during the Super Bowl since I’ve never had a massive knowledge about the sport. I blame my limited football knowledge on the fact that I grew up in a small Northern Ontario town with no high school football team (don’t judge… we had four curling teams!). After the first quarter, however, I found myself in the running for top place, energized and rethinking my strategy for the next quarter. I also really dug the idea of interacting with the other InGamer participants in the real-time chat area. Now my friendly competition expanded from one person sitting next to me to over 200 other armchair coaches.

My picks continued to return good points for me and by the time the halftime show was beginning I was more interested in what the chat room was buzzing about than why the Black Eyed Peas had strobe lights highlighting their private areas. I then noticed that my husband was 78 positions behind me. I couldn’t help but gloat a little.

By the end of the game I wasn’t in first place. Heck, I wasn’t even in the top 10. Even so, my awkward and embarrassing victory dance still managed to make an appearance for my husband who finished well behind me. I could see that small, competitive spark in his eye when he suggested I play more during the hockey games. Yes, indeed. If anyone needs me I’ll be working on my cool new dance moves.

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