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Basic Basketball Strategy - written by InGamer “milanscud” - Angelo Nero.

I have broken the strategy down in 4 key points along with an InGame Strategy:

Compile a list of captains based on players who either a) play a lot of minutes and are productive in all areas (Kevin Durant and Lebron James or b) are very productive in a single area (Kevin Love and Steve Nash).  These players are "must play" if their game is on the board.

Game Choice:
Utilizing the fact that the objective is to obtain large point totals, the key is to look for games between high scoring / bad defensive teams.  For example, a "dream match-up" would be a game between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors.  The other criteria is to select a game that has the potential to be competitive to avoid the aforementioned captains from being benched if the game is out of hand.

Player choice:
The main strategy is to pair scorers with rebounders.  Given that points are lost from missed shots, the key is to hedge those losses (for example from a volume shooter like Monta Ellis) with the ability to get points from rebounds.  Ideally, a pair of each from opposite teams would provide the maximum value.

In-Game Strategy:
Using the aforementioned Golden State versus Phoenix game as the template, and not regarding players in foul trouble as they will more than likely not be selected this would be the quarter by quarter play:

Quarter 1:
Monta Ellis (Captain - more productive then Nash)
David Lee (rebounder / scorer)
Steve Nash
Channing Frye ( limited rebounder but 3 point threat)
Aaron Brooks/Stephen Curry

Quarter 2:
Dependent on the flow of the game.  Ideally this is the opportunity to substitute centers who do not play extensive minutes.  As well, there is the potential to change your scorer for an "energy" guy off off the bench. This decision however is dependent on how extensively a team uses its bench.  Given that Phoenix uses its bench the substitutions might be: Gortat for Frye (center for center) Brooks / Dudley for Nash Biedrins for Lee

Quarter 3/4:
Return to the original line-ups. The key in the third and fourth quarter is to track foul trouble, injuries, and players who are "hot and cold"  The basic strategy, however, remains the scorer / rebounder pairing.

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