Conference Championship - NFC

Green Bay / Chicago

Writer: Matt Cauz

Stars: C. Woodson GB-CB, B. Urlacher CHI-LB
Dogs: J. Jones GB-WR, G. Olsen CHI-TE

Yes, yes, yes we get it Bears vs. Packers, age old enemies, Papa Halas vs. Vince Lombardi. Apparently these teams have a bit of history. Now that we have that out of our system, what should we expect this Sunday? Well Green Bay is going on the road, for their THIRD road game in a row and are still a 3.5 point favourite! Right now the Packers are the hottest team in the league and Aaron Rodgers is playing at a level we've never seen him at. He's putting up big numbers and winning games! For the Bears it comes down to two things, they need to tackle Green Bay's wide receivers and Jay Cutler needs to play the same kind of smart game he did against the Seahawks. The Bears have enough defensive talent to reign in the Packer offence for a quarter but in the end the Packers are simply playing on a higher level. Look for Green Bay to shut down the Bears running game early and for Bronco fans quietly giggling watching Cutler throw some passes in places they just shouldn't go to.

Aaron Rodgers QB, Green Bay
Look up in the skies, it's Captain Obvious. Listen if you want cryptic picks go to one of those websites where the writers are consistently trying to out smart themselves. Nearly every decision Rodgers made last week was the right one, he's kind of like the a Bizzaro-Nicholas Cage. Did you notice how every time a Packer WR caught the ball he was wide open? The Packers scheme and overall athleticism at WR means Rodgers is almost guaranteed to have a good game.
Lance Briggs LB, Chicago
18 tackles and one interception in two games vs. Green Bay Briggs could be in for an even bigger game if the Packers get a big lead. Keep an eye on him for the second half.

Consider these ...
Donald Driver WR, Green Bay
Yes I have ripped him in the past but remember the Bears play that Two Deep Zone, keep everything in front of them, meaning their will be a lot of short passes open all day. Look for at least six receptions out of the old man.

Johnny Knox WR, Chicago
Yes he only had 48 yards against Seattle but the Bears built a big lead and didn't to pass the ball much in the second half. Remember though Knox was still targeted seven times and I think we can all agree Greg Olsen is not going off again.

Forget these...
Jay Cutler QB, Chicago
I refuse to live in a world where Cutler is seen as a "Field General" instead of an "Admiral Turnover". Okay maybe no one calls him that, but it's kind of catchy isn't it? Last time he played the Pack Cutler needed 39 passes for a grand total of 168 yards and threw two picks. I know I'm not the only one expecting a four turnover game.
Greg Jennings WR, Green Bay
Okay so this is my hero pick. The Bears D does not blitz, instead choosing to take away the big play. I'm not saying Jennings won't get his, but I see all the WR's having similar numbers with no single guy going off.


1. Aaron Rodgers - QB
2. Brian Urlacher - LB
3. Lance Briggs - LB
4. Greg Jennings - WR
5. Matt Forte -RB
7. Donald Driver - WR
8. Tramon Williams -CB
9. Johnny Knox - WR
10. John Starks -RB

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